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Wellington Creek Canyoneering Workshop 

Come challenge yourself both physically and photographically on this North Idaho flavored slot canyon adventure!

Saturday, August 3rd, 2019

Mention canyoneering and slot canyons to virtually anyone, and the canyons of the Southwest United States usually come to mind.  North Idaho is definitely not known for that type of canyon but that does not mean they aren't here.  Littered throughout the vast amount of rugged back country of this area are small, low volume creeks that have carved deep slot canyons through the bed rock over millennia. But instead of being made of sandstone and devoid of any vegetation, these canyons are made of sculpted and layered rock, lined with thick layers of moss and hanging ferns, with crystal clear glacial colored water flowing through the narrow passageways.  


This is your opportunity to take on the unique challenge involved in capturing the beauty of one of the most remote spots in North Idaho.  

Take your photography to the next level

This workshop is your chance to capture stunning images that you can be truly proud of while getting one-on-one instruction and guidance from professional outdoor photographer Chris Celentano.  Hike, swim, and scramble your down into this stunning canyon and learn how to adapt and shoot in challenging conditions.  This one-of-a-kind workshop presents a unique set of challenges both physically and photographically; not only in simply getting to the ideal spot to shoot, but also the photography itself.  Learn to overcome these challenges and walk away with stunning images that have one heck of a story behind them. 


Not only will we be covering landscape and nature photography, we will also be covering Outdoor Adventure photography.  This is your chance to learn how to make your audience feel like they are apart of the action through your photos. 

The Nitty Gritty

Where, When, How

Skill Level- Beginner, Novice, Semi-pro

Physical Fitness- Difficult- this workshop requires attendees to walk, scramble, wade, swim, and rappel downstream into this stunning slot canyon to capture incredible images.  This includes rappelling or jumping off of a 25 foot waterfall.

Duration- Roughly 10-12 hours

When- Meet at the Big5 parking lot at 8:30AM, Saturday August 3rd in Coeur d'Alene to arrange carpool.

What To Bring- Your DSLR or mirrorless camera, a tripod, CPL and ND filters(if you have them), a dry bag backpack to hold your gear, water, lunch and snacks, some sort of base layer or light insulating layer like neoprene to wear during the hike through cold water(no cotton!), close-toed shoes with neoprene socks or neoprene kayak/fishing booties, dry clothes to change into upon completion,and an eagerness to learn! If you have a climbing harness, bring it along as well.


***A backpack-style drybag is ideal but one that can be slung over the shoulder will certainly work.***

***Participants are 100% responsible for the care and protection of their equipment and persons.  In no way can CDC Photography, Chris Celentano, or anyone directly related to him be held responsible for damages or injury to gear or persons. *** 

Investment: $75.00 Per Person-  Only 10 Spaces Available

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