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“I never know what I look forward to more with each workshop... the photography, the adventure, or the friendships.”​



I recently purchased a DSLR with a goal of learning how to use it in manual mode.  I purchased books to read and watched many online videos.  What a great way to learn how to use a camera…..for an introvert.  Problem was that I wasn’t really using the camera and had nothing exciting to shoot.   Then I saw a post for CDC Photography workshops.  I forced myself to sign up for a workshop and dragged my husband (lovingly named my Sherpa) as there was no way I was going to go alone.   Well, my world changed that day and so did my love for photography.  Chris Celentano is an amazing person in general, but he is also a great, motivating adventurer and photographer as well.  Since meeting him, I have learned to shoot my camera in manual mode.  Every time I am out on a workshop, I learn something new.  I have climbed mountains and rock walls, I have walked on frozen water, and I am facing my fear of heights.   More importantly, I am climbing out of my shell!  Thanks to Chris and his workshop, I have made some amazing, although crazy, friends.  I honestly feel  that I am improving as a photographer but also becoming a lover of outdoor activities.  I never know what I look forward to more with each workshop… the photography, the adventure, or the friendships.  Thanks Chris!

—  Karen Leoni  -Sagle, ID

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