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Sundance Mountain

Explore a historically significant mountaintop in the rugged Selkirk Mountains.

Saturday, August 15th to Sunday August 16 2020

Sundance Mountain is home to one of the few remaining active fire lookouts in North Idaho.  It is also home to the ignition point of the famous and ferocious Sundance Fire that created a firestorm that swept across this beautiful mountain range on August 23, 1967.  It lay a path of destruction over tens of thousands of acres of pristine mountains.  What is left, and is particularly evident on this mountaintop, are thousands of "Snow Ghosts;" old dead weathered and gnarled trees.  These trees, the lookout, and the incredibly rugged mountains all around make for absolutely stunning landscape, adventure, and astrophotography opportunities.

Take your photography to the next level

This workshop is your chance to capture stunning images that you can be truly proud of while getting one-on-one instruction and guidance from professional outdoor photographer Chris Celentano.  Explore this strikingly beautiful mountain during the day and at night.  Learn to scout a location and plan ahead, then execute that plan in order capture one of a kind night photos of the Milky Way, North Star, and possibly the Northern Lights. Oh and did I mention that this workshop takes place during the most active meteor shower of the year?  That is correct, you will also be able to capture mind-blowing images of the Perseids Meteor Shower! After grabbing a couple hours of sleep, wake up and capture a stunning sunrise as it casts an incredible morning light across the incredible landscape.  If time permits, we will also visit a stunningly beautiful local waterfall late Sunday morning.  

The Nitty Gritty

Where, When, How

Skill Level- Beginner, Novice, Semi-pro

Physical Fitness- Minimal/moderate

Duration- Roughly 24 hours

When- Meet at the Big5 parking lot at 11:30AM, Saturday August 10th in Coeur d'Alene to arrange carpool.

What To Bring- Your DSLR or mirrorless camera, a tripod, CPL and ND filters(if you have them), water, lunch and dinner for Saturday, breakfast and lunch for Sunday snacks, camping gear for one night's stay on top of a mountain and an eagerness to learn!

-A vehicle with decent ground clearance is required.  No less than a Subaru Outback.  The road to the top is rough.

Investment: $125.00 Per Person-  Only 10 Spaces Available!

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