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Frenchman's Coulee, Washington

Explore the some of the most unique geological features of the Washington Desert in this adventure filled workshop!

Saturday, April 4- Sunday April 5, 2020



The Central Washington Palouse is a unique and rugged landscape sculpted by gigantic floods thousands of years ago.  This arid land is characterized by massive columnar basalt cliffs, buttes, and canyons that, when viewed from above, show the obvious path that unimaginable amounts of water took on its way to the Columbia River and ultimately, the Ocean.  This landscape, particularly in spring, comes to live with an impressive showing of grasses and wildflowers.  The temperatures and weather are typically pleasant and conducive to exploration as well.  



As of Monday March 23, 2020, the State of Washington has closed down ALL camping, dispersed or otherwise, at State Parks and DNR land.  Unfortunately this has impacted the plans for this workshop and we are going to reschedule to the first weekend of May when the restrictions are supposed to be lifted.  For now, please limit your travel and practice social distancing.  If we cannot make May 2-3 happen all reservations will be either refunded in full or applied to another workshop later in the year.  Thank you for your patience during these trying times.

Take your photography to the next level

This workshop is your chance to capture stunning images that you can be truly proud of while getting one-on-one instruction and guidance from professional outdoor photographer Chris Celentano.  Explore one of the most incredible desert areas in Washington while also learning how to take your images to the next level.  Whether you are a beginner just picking up a DSLR or mirrorless camera for the first time, or a seasoned expert, there is something for everyone in this workshop. Not only will we be covering landscape and nature photography, we will also be covering quite a bit of Outdoor Adventure photography; adding the human element to unique compositions will take your images even further.  This is your chance to learn how to make your audience feel like they are apart of the action or scene through your photos. We will be capturing everything from 150 foot tall desert waterfalls to wild flowers, to rock climbers and hikers, to the stars.  This is a do-and-see-it-all workshop taking place over two days!

The Nitty Gritty

Where, When, How

Skill Level- Beginner, Novice, Semi-pro

Physical Fitness- Moderate- Some moderate hiking and short, but fairly steep inclines

Duration-  2 days

When- Meet at the Big5 parking lot at 8:00AM, Saturday April 4th in Coeur d'Alene to arrange carpool.  We will aim to be home by 5:00-6:00PM on Sunday the 5th.

What To Bring- Your DSLR or mirrorless camera, a tripod, CPL and ND filters(if you have them), water and snacks for two days, lunch and dinner for Saturday, breakfast and lunch for Sunday, camping equipment for two days, and an eagerness to learn! Bring adequate warm clothes to spend a couple of days out in the central Washington desert in early spring.  While the weather is usually mild this time of year, it can be very windy and quite cold at night. A light pair of gloves, beanie, a waterproof shell jacket, and an extra layer or two is strongly advised.

Investment: $125.00 Per Person-  Only 10 Spaces Available

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